Buongiorno Gotham

I get into the plane holding in my hands Invisible, a novel from Paul Auster and paraphrasing his words I can say about me that I’m a girl with an appetite for books and a belief (or delusion) that one day I would become good enough to call myself a writer. Even though I consider myself a young lady who doesn’t know enough , I’m firmly convinced that if you want to be a good writer you should write about something you know.

So Emilia, it’s up to you…Let’s see what you know!

I’m definitely not Carrie Bradshaw and I haven’t arrived in Manhattan on Tuesday June 11 carrying with me only my shoes and my Vogue copy. I’m arrived In New York Saturday April 1 and these were the starting points:

  1. Rusty English
  2. Books in my suitcase
  3. Great expectations

First of all there is no need to stress that things not always are going as you would, for example I never thought the first thing I would have done once arrived in the U.S. would have been desperately seek for some paper  for my poor bleeding nose… No grand entrance for me then! But let’s have a look to the bright side, things can only get better and after all I’m an Italian intern in the Big Apple and I think this is already a good story.

Me trying to get over the jet lag

There is something very funny in knowing someone only through emails or google; you can use the rest of the time – you’re not spending on your laptop – imagine how the real person will be.  And this is what I actually did with the Gotham Writers’ staff. I met Dana and Alex during a Skype conversation for which I had even combed my hair and I had stalked the rest of the Gotham family on Instagram; I remember spending the days before my departure trying to figure out which was their story: how old are they? Are they tall? Are they married? They prefer coffee or tea? How they ended up working for Gotham? They have one favorite writer? Which kind of pizza is the best for them? (assuming they like pizza) who’s the owner of the dog? Who are going to be my fellows interns? Just random thoughts…

I don’t dare to ask the ages but I can say that most of them are tall as they like to drink tea: quite a lot.
The dog, who is called Cosmo for the record, is Melissa’s.
I’m still not sure about pizza flavor, but I can definitely say that they like the Italian “antipasto” with cheese, ham and olives

Seems like in the end some of these questions have found an answer during my first week at the office and in this moment in which I’m writing my very first post, wearing my boyfriend’s t-shirt of The Smiths while I’m listening at Gloria Gaynor dancing on the chair, the only thing I can wish for myself, at the beginning of this experience, is to have enough time to fall in love with everything…

Even if now I’m introduced to everyone as Berlusconi (the Italian Donald Trump) from Alex, at least I’m a president and I’m happy to be here.  



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