Arrivederci Gotham

A few days ago my mum called me “ nomad”.

Nomad: a member of a people having no permanent abode, and who travel from place to place.

I think my mum is right, but as a nomad I have one the greatest privilege of all; I can make any place my home.

What I wanted as soon as I landed here  was to have enough time to fall in love with everything.

The only  problem with New York is that not even everything is enough. And now that I’m about to leave the only thing I would love to have is more time.

I know what to  be far from my country means; I’ve been far from it many times.

But this time has been different, I wanted it to be different.

I came here to face my fear of taking me seriously as a writer and Gotham turns out to be the perfect nest for my words.  I came back to the origins writing with pen and paper, I’ve surprisingly found myself comfortable in express my voice in a language that is not my mother tongue and for the first time I let someone read me.

If one day I will be able to write something valuable I will have to thank Alex, Dana, Justin, Kelly, Steph, Melissa, Charlie and of course little Cosmo for trusting me and showing me that take the path less travelled by can pays you back.

This  90 days have changed my perspective on many things, I will go home with a new inner sense of possibility and the certainty that  now– even if I can’t say where I will be in the future —  I know I have some fresh roots that will keep growing right here. 

This is not a goodbye, this is just an arrivederci

I will stay wild, I promise.





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