Meet the Interns!



Diego Brindis


Diego is a stand-up guy, a real good sport. He enjoys sports and good stand up. An aspiring television writer, Diego spends a lot of time watching TV; he writes occasionally. He is currently working on a feature film script that seemingly has no end.

On his spare time, Diego likes to exercise, cook, read, play basketball, dance, and participate in agricultural endeavors (The picture above was taken during his summer of organic farm work in Blue Hill, Maine). He aspires to get more involved in public advocacy and finish that daunting script.






Monica J.L.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 1.24.22 PM.png

Monica is a native New Yorker. She is currently a part-time bookseller and first-time intern at Gotham Writers. She is also applying to MA programs for Public Humanities and working on a book of personal essays. In her spare time, she drinks way too much iced coffee. She likes soup, bagels, dogs, short stories, and trivia. You do not want to steal her fries.





Emilia Costantini


Emilia: made in Italy, raised here and there.

Graduated in Russian literature has spent last year living between Rome, Bologna and Saint Petersburg.
She was drawn to Gotham for different reasons, New York is one of them. Bigger than the love for the City there is only the love for the words.
Tons of books devoured, aspires to become the best copy-editor ever. When she is not moving from a place to another , she devoted her time to the noble art of telling stories.. hoping to find the right way to tell hers.

Syeda Lee

IMG_1627Look who’s still here! Syeda is a Gotham Intern going 3rd term strong! In her first, she worked on her first Spec Script, and found the courage to pursue this whole TV Writing thing full steam. The 2nd picked up with a pilot pursuit, one that she’s still wrestling with and enjoying all the time.  A graduate of Brandeis University with a BA in Creative Writing and Psychology, plus one poetry thesis: Tales of Violent Sunshine. While wading through post-grad uncertainty, she dove into the tumultuous world of the entertainment industry and now freelances as a Script Supervisor; which turns out to be the most complicated job on set, but also her favorite (though Wardrobe is a close 2nd).  She finds herself staying at Gotham to play intern “mother hen” and soak up every bit of Gotham-ness possible. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, dance, exploring events, reading consecutively, and obsessively watching and over-critiquing cartoons.


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